About Us

JEEVIKA is a Jamshedpur (Tata Nagar) based NGO for Intellectually Challenged People. This is the only NGO in India that rehabilitates such people through joyful & competitive sports. This way, they merge with the main stream of the society with confidence and dignity. Four of JEEVIKA’s students are employed now in private organizations after winning medals at the International level sports competitions organized by Special Olympics Inc.

Emphasizing on etiquette, discipline, yoga, manners and punctuality are regular part of our training besides primary education as per their abilities. After improving physical stamina of our special students, we engage them in various vocational trainings. Making paper bags, cloth bags & traditional Diwali Diyas are our main focus area presently to support Government's echo friendly move. This also helps them in enhancing their employability and generate revenue for the NGO which can be further utilized to support the day to day expenses.

Our Mission

To engage and encourage intellectually challenged people through techniques catered to their way of learning to become independent, productive for the society and lead a dignified life. Competitive sports along with a combination of basic education and vocational training is used to achieve the desired objective.


The primary objective of JEEVIKA is to transform intellectually challenged children into self-reliant individuals by providing them income generating skills and education. The present society considers these children as "Burden" for the family and society they belong to. Parents and family members always look for opportunities to provide required skills, education and training to intellectually challenged children so that they become capable enough to earn their livelihood. Competitive sports are one of the best way to enhance their personality, physical and mental health. Self-confidence of these children is boosted by participating in competitive sports.

JEEVIKA is constantly trying to help these children. Support of "JEEVIKA" is enabling them to prove that they are no more burden to the society but with proper guidance and encouragement they can become independent and productive citizens of the country.

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