Success Story

N. Sai Krishna

N. Sai Krishna

As a normal boy, he was admitted to Kerala Public School. Being unable to cope up with the school activities, his parents admitted him to D.A.V. School, Sonari. In spite of additional tuitions at home, he could not get through standard three. By this time, he had started refusing to go to school and became a problem for his parents. In the meantime, he lost his father and situation worsened for the family. Fortunately, his mother was recruited by State Bank of India and she was in a position to support the family.

In year 2012, when he was only 15 years old his mother approached JEEVIKA for admission. Soon after admission, Krishna started taking up school responsibilities. He learned to turn on generator as JEEVIKA had no electric connection then. Taking all school students in a queue for sports practice was his second big responsibility. He efficiently and diligently stopped traffic with a red flag while the students crossed the road on the way to ground.

As he has the passion for learning new things, he was taught roller skating at Jogger’s park in Sonari and soon represented state of Jharkhand in the National Roller skating competition organized by Special Olympics Bharat. He returned home victorious with two gold medals and manifold increase in his confidence level.

He is involved in shopping for the school, although counting money is still a problem for him. He insists shopkeepers to give receipt for anything he buys for the school and this has helped JEEVIKA to keep the audit part up in order.

Now at 18, he was ready to take bigger challenges. He was trained for 800 Meters run at JRD Tata Sports Complex for 3 months for the National Athletic Competition. He again won two gold medals in the 400 and 800 Meters race in National Competition being organized by Special Olympics Bharat.

Presently, besides assigning duties like cleaning, dusting and locking school to other students he is working with a leading grocery store at Sonari, Jamshedpur and earning his livelihood.

He is keen to learn cycling and further aspires to drive a car in the days to come.


  • He is very alert, punctual and responsible student besides being very hard working. Has a passion for learning new things
  • Won 2 Gold medals at National Roller Skating championship organized by Special Olympics Bharat held in Bareli (U.P.) in the year 2015
  • Won 2 Gold medals in 400 and 800 Meters race during National Athletic Championship held in Jaipur in the year 2016
  • He has been assigned the role of Manager at JEEVIKA as he can handle all the situations with little guidance during the school hours
  • Working with leading grocery store at Sonari after school and earning his livelihood

Presently his responsibilities are to:

  • Take all the JEEVIKA students to nearby ground in a queue with red flag and bring back all safe to the center
  • Stay till all students leave JEEVIKA after classes are over
  • Overall monitoring, control of students during guest visits
  • Receiving and seeing off guests coming to JEEVIKA
  • Delegating duties to other students
  • Marketing for the school and helping in wrapping up after every program outside the school premises